pDI-Tools: A Portable Dynamic Interposition Tool

This program has been designed to accomplish these goals and characteristics:

  • It only requires an executable. This tool doesn't need source code nor debug info to instrument a program.

  • Ease of use. It brings an easy interface and a good error control, moving the user away from ELF and Runtime Linker internals.

  • Light and fast. The main target of this tool high performance computing. pDI-Tools must be light and fast to cause a minimal impact on the instrumented program.

  • Based on standards. One important aim of this tool is work with standards to the maximum. With this policy pDI-Tools makes itself solid in front of new versions of the operating system, new compilers and languages. pDI-Tools relies mainly on ELF standard because this tool is designed for Un*x like systems.

  • Easy to port. From the begining I have designed this application to be highly portable, so in the future I will try to port this software to the vast majority of Un*x like operating systems and to a lot of architectures.

  • It offers a powerful and simple API. It gives the programmer a powerful but simple API that will let him to program any type of instrumentation program in a short time.

  • It is free software! You can always modify and improve pDI-Tools. You have the source code and all the freedom to adapt it to your needings. pDI-Tools is under the GNU Lesser Public License.

Copyright (C) 2004,2005 Gerardo García Peña
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